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DELTA and FORCE Technology are merging

With the merger, DELTA and FORCE Technology create one of Denmark’s and Scandinavia’s biggest GTS technology service companies. With approximately 1,600 employees and over 1.5 billion DKK in turnover, the goal is to be the favorite Nordic impartial service and knowledge partner within selected technology sectors.

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17 May 2016

DELTA and FORCE Technology are merging

DELTA and FORCE Technology have decided to merge, which will take effect from 1 January 2016. FORCE Technology will continue as the legal entity, and DELTA’s rights and obligations will be transferred to FORCE Technology, VAT no.: 55 11 73 14.

Therefore, the merger has no immediate impact for you.

All signed agreements will continue to apply.

Ongoing client projects, test runs or development tasks will be implemented unchanged.

NDAs, Service Level Agreements and other corresponding agreements will still apply.

Submitted offers incl. DELTA’s terms of sales and delivery will continue to apply.

All of DELTA’s and FORCE Technology’s facilities in Denmark and around the world are still open for your requests.

You will still see the name DELTA when dealing with us, but soon the following words will be added: “a part of FORCE Technology”.

The merger between DELTA and FORCE Technology will create one of Scandinavia’s largest technological service companies with more than 1,600 employees and a wide range of unique facilities, benefiting the clients of both companies.

In the following text you may learn more about the background to the merger, and the immediate and long-term opportunities it will provide you as a client.

If you would like to learn more about the merger or have questions relating to a specific project, please communicate with your usual contact person or send an email to Information about the merger will be updated here on a regular basis:

Why merge?

Both DELTA and FORCE Technology have strong traditions as impartial technological service companies with Danish as well as international clients. Technological development presents new opportunities and complex challenges to clients operating both in the industry and the public sector. Together, we want to ensure that our clients acquire the correct deep competencies that are required to improve and strengthen their competitiveness in the future.

International, high quality and technology based expert consultancy requires a great deal regarding facilities, competencies and knowledge resources. The merger means that DELTA and FORCE Technology are stronger together for both international groups and for local start-ups. We believe that it is our strong professional competency that makes us an attractive partner, and the merger will strengthen this.

DELTA and FORCE Technology are both financially and technically strong, which are the best preconditions for entering into a merger.

What kind of new opportunities will the merger provide?

The merger is carried out for the purpose of creating new opportunities for our clients. In brief, these can be divided into three:

Firstly, the merger means that our Danish and international clients more easily will get access to greater, boarder and deeper competencies. Already tomorrow, we will be able to do so much more, for a large number of clients.

Secondly, our current and future clients will experience us as one single organisation, which covers the entire client process from the first idea, through the development stages to test and approval, and further to operation and inspection in production. Together, we will cover the entire value chain and complement each other, both technically and sectorally.

Finally, the vision behind the merger is that with the combination of our competencies and disciplines, we can help industry and societies enter the fourth industrial and digital revolution. Together, we have the competencies within advanced, communicative sensor networks and automated monitoring, and thus we can create fertile ground for digital learning and new business models. It is our goal to develop and to provide this infrastructure to create growth in the industry.

We will continually communicate new initiatives resulting from the merger. If you personally have a good idea how the merger can benefit you as our client, please contact us. Email us at


Yours sincerely,

Juan Farré, CEO



18 April 2016

DELTA and FORCE Technology merges – Generational change in Board of Directors and a strengthened Management

With the merger, DELTA and FORCE Technology create one of Denmark and Scandinavia’s biggest GTS technology service companies. With approximately 1600 employees and over 1.5 billion DKK in turnover, the goal is to be the favorite Nordic impartial service- and knowledge partner within selected technology sectors. Ernst Tiedemann becomes the new Chairman of the Board.

DELTA and FORCE Technology merges with FORCE Technology as the continuing entity with effect from 1. January 2016.

“Internationally, a concentration of high-tech knowledge resources is happening these years”, says Erik Søndergaard, Chairman of FORCE Technology. “In our neighboring areas, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Belgium large mergers have been carried through to ensure strong and specialized competences within research and development. In the same period analyses show that, Danish companies increasingly seek new knowledge internationally. Therefore, the merger between DELTA and FORCE Technology is obvious”.

Two institutes on top

“The merger comes at just the right time”, says Jesper Haugaard, Chairman of DELTA. “DELTA stands, after 2015, with the best economic conditions for years – and with a robust, focused and competent organization”. Both FORCE Technology and DELTA came positively out of 2015, whereas both organizations enter into the merger with a robust economy and professionalism.

Juan Farré, CEO, President of DELTA, sees obvious future prospects in the merger, which will benefit the Danish industry. “FORCE Technology and DELTA will develop each other’s full potential. We are very similar to each other – in culture and business model, with high-technological consulting, development and facilities and complementary skills; without overlap. We will therefor together accommodate much more for many more”.

The new organization will not only be able to offer even more unique competences and cover a larger part of the industry’s needs. “Together, we will be able to provide service to the industry throughout the value chain. From the initial idea to the approval of the product and inspection of production. And this in a new and digitalized world”, says Ernst Tiedemann, CEO, President of FORCE Technology. Both CEO’s are unanimous about the vision: “FORCE Technology has a strong position among others in production-Denmark, for example material-, joining-, testing-, sensor-, simulation- and robot technology.  DELTA stands strong within sensors and complex electronics and electronic systems. When combining our forces and strengths, we create a unique “house of qualifications” for the benefit of Danish industry, with international potential”.

During these years, the whole world is talking about the fourth industrial revolution, which will create both opportunities and challenges for Danish companies. Billions of people and products will be combined through mobile devices with an unpresented computing power and access to knowledge.

The two CEO’s continue: “Together we can support the practical digitization of the industries and production systems, which DELTA and FORCE Technology already supports respectively in product development and operations. By advanced sensor networks and automated monitoring, we can help a solid implementation of Industry 4.0 in Denmark and Scandinavia. Finally, we can connect the experiences from the operation back to the product development, and there by create fertile sole for digital learning and new business models. Our goal is to develop and offer this infrastructure and hereby create growth in the industry”.

The merger opens for leadership change

With the merger, Ernst Tiedemann resigns as President and CEO of FORCE Technology by April 30, 2016. Simultaneously Ernst Tiedemann is appointed Chairman of the Board for the new organization. Jesper Haugaard, Chairman of the Board, DELTA, also enters the Board of the new organization..

On 1 May 2016, Ernst Tiedemann passes on the baton to the new President, CEO, Øjvind Andersen Clement, who today operates as CFO in FORCE Technology. He represents the Management of the merged company together with DELTA’s former President, CEO, Juan Farré, whoes new title will be Technical Director. Hereby, the continuity is ensured in both board as well as management.

The Group Management of the FORCE Technology group will by 1 May 2016, besides the executive officers from FORCE Technology Denmark consist of the CEO’s of FORCE Technology Norway AS and FORCE Technology Sweden AB, Henning Arnøy and Hans Ole Olsen.

“As President, CEO, Ernst Tiedemann has had a decisive importance for FORCE Technology. He was the leading force through the 1990s severe expansion, and since he in 2000 took over as President, CEO, FORCE Technology has increased the turnover fourfold with a constant positive bottom line”, says Chairman Erik Søndergaard, in complimentary terms. “Apart from the post as President, CEO, Ernst has taken a number of key positions in Danish industry, in order to ensure optimal competitiveness for Danish companies through technical solutions”.

Further information

President, CEO, FORCE Technology, Ernst Tiedemann, +45 43 26 72 46, mobile +45 22 69 72 46

President, CEO, DELTA, Juan Farré, +45 72 19 40 00


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