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DELTA Agenda 1/2020:

  • Case: “Expert knowledge about standards has saved us a lot of time”
  • Get a good start when developing medical devices
  • Photonics technology makes disruptive innovation possible
  • System or module level testing?

DELTA Agenda 9/2019:

  • Our thermal vacuum testing facility has been revitalized
  • Reliability based on a ’jungle’ of tools
  • New network for women in hardware
  • The effect of voltage drop on electrical appliances

DELTA Agenda 8/2019: Do you achieve the desired reaction

  • How to develop IoT products in predefined IoT ecosystems
  • How do you choose the right type of service for your business?
  • When full-scale system test becomes huge
  • Noise Day 2019

DELTA Agenda 7/2019: Product development on track

  • Approval of medical devices with radio
  • New Vice President in FORCE Technology
  • The ultimate guide for selecting an ASIC package
  • PPEPP – new project on reliability in product development

DELTA Agenda 6/2019: When sound turns into noise 

  • Traffic noise is dangerous to our health
  • How does noise cancellation sound?
  • WHO guideline on noise in Europe
  • Our acoustics team in new wrapping
  • Noise Day 2019

DELTA Agenda 5/2019: What’s reliability to you? 

  • Join our grand opening on 27 August
  • Choosing the right reliability strategy and tools
  • Who performs your tests?
  • Modelling anf Physics of Failure
  • Technological infrastructure for 2 billion DKK

DELTA Agenda 4/2019: Product design with the future in mind

  • Radio requirements and the EU Commission
  • Optimal product sounds make products better
  • How to design meaningful technology
  • Standardisation for green energy technology has a Danish imprint

DELTA Agenda 3/2019: A world based on 0 and 1

  • Improved store design with eye tracking
  • Data availability is critical for Internet of Things
  • The Internet of Health
  • Satellites and pyroshock

DELTA Agenda 2/2019: Technology in high pace – time to follow suit

  • New performance contracts assigned to the Danish GTS institutes
  • 360-degree verification of reliability and robustness for electronic products
  • 100 Danish testing facilities
  • New book: Sensory Evaluation of Sound
  • Testing of components in aggressive environments

DELTA Agenda 1/2019: IoT in planters, earthquakes, and nanosattelites

  • IoT in planters
  • Extreme testing for new space products
  • Standardisation overview for 2018
  • Tools for smart regulation of noise from wind turbines
  • Earthquake testing
  • DELTA Microelectronics offers semiconductor temperature testing for automotive and industrial applications

DELTA Agenda 9/2018: If you could wish for anything, what would it be?

  • Explore the benefits of IoT
  • Are your medical devices ready for the new EMC-standard?
  • New Head of Product Compliance in Aarhus
  • New WHO-guidelines on noise
  • Availability as an IoT driver
  • Which standardisation activities would you like in 2019?

DELTA Agenda 8/2018: Knowledge you can trust

  • Electrical safety and EMC — all in one head
  • Free Danish guideline: IoT-technologies and Design
  • Multimedia equipment: Europe versus the world!
  • News about LED, EMC, and ADCO
  • On-site quality assurance of 2.5 kilometers stainless steel ventilating ducts

DELTA Agenda 7/2018: How is it connected?

  • Join the grid!
  • Digital health from a standardised perspective
  • Free e-guide: How to manage an ASIC supply chain successfully
  • New research project guarantees video and sound quality for the future
  • Components disintegrate in unique test facilities

DELTA Agenda 6/2018: How does your product cope in the heat? ?

  • Team Denmark runs tests in FORCE Technology’s wind tunnel
  • Accelerated lifetime tests based on the Physics of Failure
  • New medical device legislation demands increased supervision of software
  • 5 good reasons to have your product tested for electrical safety
  • Benefits and challenges of LED lighting

DELTA Agenda 4/2018: Can product failures be avoided?

  • EMC and MIL standards – the heavyweights
  • Get started with the IIoT & Industry 4.0
  • Denmark is the centre of reliability in 2018
  • Broad measuring range within vacuum calibration

DELTA Agenda 3/2018: The strength of sustainability 

  • Laser cladding method provides wear-resistant components for DSB’s IC trains
  • Help make the maritime industry sustainable
  • Five things you should consider when making a requirement specification for plastic materials and products
  • Certified energy management system provides good energy in Irma

DELTA Agenda 2/2018: This is rocket science

  • Olympic achievements kept the Lynx in the air
  • Entering the Iranian market with software as a medical device
  • 4-step-guide: How to get started with energy harvesting
  • Knowledge about connector reliability can lead to more reliable products
  • The Ariane 6 rocket has passed an important milestone
  • Environmental product declarations for windows

DELTA Agenda 1/2018: Long live technology

  • Tackling the wind at Club La Santa
  • Great benefits by CE-marking your software as medical devices
  • Powering IoT sensors using ambient energy
  • 70 years of electric mission profiling
  • Which factors determine the lifetime of electronic drivers for LED lighting?

DELTA Agenda 11/2017: Product security in a connected world

  • Cyber security check opens export doors for virtual piggy bank
  • Lean Mean ALT Lab – when we want to know the lifetime of an electronic product
  • Electric testing and measuring equipment must fulfil the safety requirements of the Low Voltage Directive
  • Supply chain management is crucial for product reliability

DELTA Agenda 10/2017: Releasing the IoT-potential

  • Psychologists help mechanics perform better car service
  • How to evaluate quality requirements for apps
  • Releasing the IoT-potential
  • Are expansion joints noisy?
  • Cyber security screening of products
  • Standards – a well of useful information

DELTA Agenda 09/2017: Predict your product´s reliability

  • Failure analysis of a product – not only a component
  • Requirements for sub-suppliers of medical devices
  • What does a motorway sound like?
  • What to do when your product does not match a harmonised standard
  • SPM then, now and in the future

DELTA Agenda 08/2017: Meaningful product design

  • 3 Principles for Meaningful IoT
  • Common language to describe sound
  • Function-critical design of wireless hardware
  • The committee that approves EMC and radio standards
  • Wind-induced limitations at a new airport in Greenland

DELTA Agenda 07/2017: Technology to improve health

  • Human factors experts ensure sager e-navigation
  • Interoperability in the health care sector
  • New technology can monitor diseases in agriculture
  • Test your IoT devices yourself
  • Conformity work paves the way for mutual recognition of documentation
  • The biggest force calibration machine in Denmark is moving in

DELTA Agenda 06/2017: Access to the market

  • Effective health technology takes human behaviour into account
  • Interoperability in old medical devices
  • A longer life for LED Power Electronics
  • Five tips for getting more out of your vibration test
  • Participation in standardisation committees adds important knowledge about electrical safety
  • A significant space visit from the European Space Agency

DELTA Agenda 05/2017: Are you missing the gold?

  • Stress test of cooling system in climate chamber
  • Are your cables CE marked correctly?
  • Connectors cost reliability and money
  • Make use of valuable feedback from the market
  • Acoustics experts develop new standards for building acoustic measurements
  • FORCE Technology wins global corrosion award

DELTA Agenda 04/2017: We send drones out on new missions

  • Energy harvesting eliminates expensive battery replacement in shelf labels
  • Risk management relating to EMC for medical devices
  • FORCE Technology is sending drones out on new missions
  • Basic standards – the basis of standardisation’s food pyramid
  • Danish companies will grow into space

DELTA Agenda 03/2017: In rough seas

  • Sika helps improve acoustics on ships
  • Transition period for the old R&TTE Directive ends soon
  • Product mission profiling in practice
  • Reliable software is an important part of a device’s reliability
  • Quality of road marking is crucial for safety of self-driving cars of the future
  • Opening the market for vessel performance monitoring and optimisation

DELTA Agenda 02/2017: Is your IoT product reliable?

  • Danfoss uses IoT do-it-yourself test facilities to test new wireless thermostat
  • Simple rules – but many requirements for the military industry
  • FORCE Technology is sending drones out on new missions
  • 5 tips for more effective HALT
  • Jewellery designers create new pregnancy device for men
  • IoT and reliability
  • DELTA is a member of the newly established European AIOTI
  • Policy Group: IEEE EPPI wg on ICT
  • Drone inspection of hard to reach areas

DELTA Agenda 01/2017: Learn to understand Physics of Failure

  • RetroSign GRX
  • An update on selected standardisation areas
  • Will It Flip? Sound activated light
  • Standardisation group: ITU-R WP6C RG25
  • Expansion of Denmark’s second largest cruise port

DELTA Agenda 11/2016: Technology and knowledge are paramount

  • Ringe strengthens its shopping experience through technology in an IBIZ-project
  • Safe navigation is the new requirements for suppliers of medical equipment
  • All radio products must be approved by a Notified Body
  • Will It Flip? Adjustable bed
  • Rapid wind turbine development also increases the need for updated standards regarding noise
  • ASIC power management for self-powered IoT sensors

DELTA Agenda 10/2016: Noise affects our health and well-being

  • Measured sound emissions from machinery is important documentation for customers
  • New standard for standalone software for medical applications
  • DELTA project focuses on noise, noise annoyance, and health
  • Will It Flip? Piano
  • Low power wide area networks
  • Annual Noise Day 2016
  • DELTA sets the world standard for measuring of smoke density

DELTA Agenda 09/2016: Why does my product fail in use?

  • New report concludes: Motorways are more annoying than urban roads
  • New standard provides an overview of accelerated testing
  • SAM – an efficient tool in failure analysis of electronic devices
  • Hearing aids undergoing rapid development – updated standards are needed

DELTA Agenda 08/2016: ELTA launches Nordic IoT Centre

  • Drone testing for the IoT at DELTA
  • Standards, policy and technical development
  • Internet of Things – why and how?
  • IoT and data security
  • Batteryless electronics – Advice about how to get started with realising energy harvesting
  • Technology day introduced the Nordic IoT Centre
  • The Wireless Club at DELTA now also comprises IoT

DELTA Agenda 07/2016: The intelligent eye

  • New ‘intelligent eye’ provides huge business opportunities within IoT
  • Approval of products with radio
  • The Wireless Club at DELTA now also comprises IoT
  • Robustness in welfare technology – why?
  • Will It Flip? DVD player
  • ‘Metrologi nyt’ June 2016: Measurements in a dynamic world

DELTA Agenda 06/2016: Test your knowledge – win cinema tickets

  • The insurance industry tightens the requirements for vehicle tracking systems
  • Electronics in vehicles should be designed in accordance with fixed EMC requirements
  • Competition – test your knowledge
  • Will It Flip? Drone
  • The Story: Hearing health care

DELTA Agenda 05/2016: Internet of Things – what, where and how?

  • Technology day: Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
  • Lodam develops robust sensors with HACT tests
  • New legislation regarding radio equipment as of 1 June 2016
  • TECH document 11: Objective listening test of audio products
  • The agile way to ensure quality
  • The Story: Robots on the internet

DELTA Agenda 04/2016: A world full of changes

  • EMC in marine lighting
  • Is your fridge a radio…?
  • DELTA enters into Performance Contracts with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science
  • Reliable product development based on Physics of Failure
  • Lifetimes for LED light sources and their electronic drivers
  • The story: Visible road markings

DELTA Agenda 03/2016: 75 years of passion for technology

  • Electronics developer raises the temperature
  • New EU Directives for electronic products
  • Will It Flip? Robot Toy
  • IoT in products for extreme environments
  • DELTA now has two FCC accredited test laboratories
  • New data regulation’s impact on HealthTech companies
  • The story: Saltholm

DELTA Agenda 02/2016: Are you ready for the new radio equipment law?

  • ATKI makes unambiguous requirement specifications
  • Are you ready for the new radio equipment law?
  • Internet of Things and Telemedicine – Internet of Me
  • Corrosion of electronics

DELTA Agenda 01/2016: A new year with new directives 

  • ASSA ABLOY gains new knowledge and peace of mind with electric safety test
  • New directives in 2016
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has chosen DELTA as Reference Laboratory on environmental noise
  • DELTA achieves prestigious accreditation as Technical Service
  • When it’s time for the big hammer

DELTA Agenda 11/2015 – Season’s greetings from DELTA 

  • Get an extra Christmas present
  • Danfoss products are fully tested
  • Does your product meet current standards?
  • Vibrations power tomorrow’s IoT devices
  • ETV – Environmental Technology Verification – promotes international marketing of green technologies
  • TECH Document 10: Emission measurement in reverberation chamber
  • DELTA on DR P1 ‘Harddisken’

DELTA Agenda 10/2015 – The personal health check is advancing 

  • Danish technology revolutionising sensor networks
  • Organisation and development of standards
  • The future of Health and Care Tech development

DELTA Agenda 09/2015 – Knowledge brings you one step ahead 

  • SPM in facts and numbers
  • User-driven development of medical devices
  • Finding the ghosts in the system
  • Heating up IoT – thermal energy harvesting

DELTA Agenda 08/2015 – Plug’n play meets cybersecurity 

  • Listen to the future road
  • New working procedures will speed up the development of medical devicesHealth & Care Development on Speed? Part II
  • Metrology for Humidity at High Temperatures and Transient Conditions
  • Early, Iterative, Functional – how to develop the right medical device to actually help people

DELTA Agenda 07/2015 – Prepared for the future 

  • DELTA put the finishing touch on a memory game for people with dementia
  • New EMC directive will become effective in 2016
  • Australian delegation considers Danish rehabilitation concepts
  • Testing large equipment – exciting challenges

DELTA Agenda 06/2015 – How intelligent can your product get? 

  • Type approval paves the way for increased sales for LINAK
  • Dedicated EMC specialists set standards for radio interference
  • TECH Document 9: Designing smart products
  • Design Smart Products combined design and technology in an engaging way
  • Accelerated testing – a powerful tool now and in the future
  • Distributing healthcare

DELTA Agenda 05/2015 – Towards new technological services 

  • Consultancy led to process improvements at Lodam
  • Accredited electric safety test of IT equipment – why do it?
  • Agile medical centre stimulates better solutions for healthcare technology
  • Reverberation chamber as troubleshooting tool
  • TECH Document 8: The fight against multi-resistant bacteria

DELTA Agenda 04/2015 – special issue only available in Danish – 22 bud på fremtidenKender du fremtiden? 

  • IoT: Fra hype til virkelighed
  • Sundhedsmarked med udfordringer
  • Lyd påvirker helbred og velvære
  • Physics of failure

DELTA Agenda 03 /2015 – What is good sound and how can you describe it?

  • TECH Document 7: Perceptual characteristics of audio
  • News from WP7 “Physical testing of enclosures and performance analysis”
  • If an elderly person falls, Sarita automatically takes action
  • Guidelines on Internet of Things from GSMA

DELTA Agenda 02 /2015 – Global standard on telehealth and welfare technology

  • Voice analysis can give the customer conversation a psychoacoustic dimension
  • The RoHS directive applies to you also
  • Continua – The Nordic lead on implementation of global standard for telehealth and care technology
  • DELTA controlled the measuring of noise at Metro construction sites

DELTA Agenda 01 /2015 – New year and new products

  • The measuring of aircraft noise in Swedavia’s airports
  • Radio Equipment Directive – RED
  • Agile development in health and welfare technology
  • We should get better at being better
  • “Medical equipment – Development with agile methods”

DELTA Agenda 11 /2014 – Season’s greetings from DELTA

  • Approval management ensured the quality of Schneider Electric’s approval process
  • ProductAbillity – Product development abilities 2014
  • Get international proof showing your LED solution delivers its promises
  • TEK’notat 6 – Reverb kammer
  • The importance of understanding product management

DELTA Agenda 10 /2014 – Denmark can become better at product development

  • New thinking with respect for the existing context
  • Development survey no. 2 – 2014
  • DELTA approved to carry out testing of ballast water treatment systems for US Coast Guard
  • Product development & innovation environments
  • IdemoLabs competition at IDA on the Culture Night, 10 October

DELTA Agenda 09 /2014 – Is your product affected by mobile transmitters?

  • Kamstrup tests for high field strengths and avoids complaints
  • Agile development of medical equipment
  • Mobile transmitter immunity testing
  • Danish project with focus on LED light

DELTA Agenda 08 /2014 – When is it OK for a test to fail?

  • Test results with a declaration of contents
  • EU funds drive Danish manufacturer of electric car components to a position in the global market
  • 3GPP project will bring the sound of mobile communication into a new era
  • Extreme testing – discover the errors in design before the product is launched on the market

DELTA Agenda 07 /2014 – Ready, set, test!

  • Do you work with technological product development?
  • Competencies of the GTS network open doors
  • Improve your R&D results by 20-30 % with Lean and Agile
  • Prevention of interference problems at super hospitals increases patient safety
  • Winner of the competition in the last DELTA Agenda

DELTA Agenda 06 /2014 – Standards make you better at product development

  • Legislation and standards: Increase in standards for product development benefits companies
  • Case: Do wind turbines generate more noise at wind speeds other than 6 m/s and 8 m/s?
  • The EMC Club – where specialists meet
  • Test your company’s product development ability and win great prizes
  • Competition: WHAT ARE THEY DOING ? Winner of the competition in the last DELTA Agenda

DELTA Agenda 05 /2014 – Does your company have product development ability?

  • Danish companies must improve their product development abilities
  • Test your company’s product development ability and win great prizes
  • Legislation and standards: Directive 2014/30/EU regarding EMC
  • CASE: Agile change processes added DKK 1 million to the bottom line
  • Wind turbines – an important business area for DELTA
  • Competition: WHAT IS THIS ? Winner of the competition in the last DELTA Agenda

DELTA Agenda 04 /2014 – Did you see the noise?

  • Legislation and standards: Imported power supplies do not meet EU requirements
  • CASE: Focus on EMC strategy brings LINAK in front in Norway
  • Visualising noise in open office environments can to reduce noise nuisance
  • Competition: WHAT IS THIS ? Winner of the competition in the last DELTA Agenda

DELTA Agenda 03 /2014 – Are you on the same wavelength as technology?

  • News about legislation and standards: New rules for electronics in vehicles from 1 Nov. 2014
  • CASE: New tunable filters for supercontinuum fiber lasers
  • How do we best measure the quality of reproduced sound?
  • Competition: WHAT IS THIS ?

DELTA Agenda 02 /2014 – New technology improves everyday life

  • News about legislation and standards: Electronic equipment entering the Brazilian market
  • CASE: Revolutionary new touch technology
  • Working towards next generation telecommunication speech quality
  • New IC4 trains much noisier inside than IC3 trains

DELTA Agenda 01 /2014 – New year and new standards

  • Good sound and mobility bring greater challenges to product development
  • HealthBridge 2013 strengthens telemedicine exports to the U.S.
  • DELTA customers benefit from our new membership of ITU
  • News about legislation and standards: Medical equipment must now be traceable using UDI
  • CASE: Export markets helped Scandyna increase exports

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