Advanced Technology Group (GTS)

GTS: Technology that moves companies

The GTS institutes comprise a strong network of technological competencies, driving Danish businesses towards more competitive products and processes.

As a GTS institute, our task is to acquire, develop and implement technology in Danish industry. This is done in close collaboration with universities, educational and research institutions and stakeholders who play a role in the capability of businesses to access and implement new knowledge and technology.

The GTS institutes are non-profit, self-governing private companies. We are approved by the Minister of Higher Education and Science to fulfil the role of GTS institution, which means that every three years we can apply for performance contracts to fund the development of new technological knowledge. The performance contracts are sought in internal competition between the GTS institutes and amount to approximately DKK 300m annually. The Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation oversees and concludes performance contracts with the individual GTS institutes.

DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology is one of seven GTS institutes in Denmark.



We are Denmark’s technological infrastructure

GTS is Denmark’s technological infrastructure of laboratories, equipment, testing facilities and human resources. We work with companies on research, technology consultancy, development of products and processes, and testing and certification.

At DELTA, our GTS responsibility is to create better projects rather than more projects. Sustainability rather than quantity. We work on new technologies and methods today that will help you tomorrow.

The GTS institutes contribute

Technological infrastructure

Innovation and development

Specialist services

New research-based knowledge and technology

Acquisition and sharing of national and international technology knowledge

Innovationsagentordningen (in Danish)

GTS Vision 2021

In the GTS Vision 2021, you can read about how we will contribute to ensuring that even more Danish businesses benefit from the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technology.

The GTS Association

All GTS institutes are members of the GTS Association, whose task is to represent their common interests in relation to the political system and positioning of the GTS network.

The eight GTS institutes – each with its own independent profile – are known together as the GTS network. Learn more about the GTS institutes’ activities at Also visit the website of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

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